A 10-Minute Yoga Routine

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Most people don't move their bodies enough during the day. This can lead to a mid-afternoon crash or a feeling of sluggishness throughout the day. Doing a 10-minute yoga routine can provide a real pick-me-up whether you're stiff from sleeping all night or need a breather after lunch.

If you're stuck wearing structured clothing, you're not going to want to move very much, though. Wearing comfortable clothing that lets you move throughout the day will help you grab a little exercise here and there. Yoga pants are trendy. The term is actually defined in the Oxford Dictionaries. But they're not the only type of clothing that you can wear for yoga.

At Cabana Life, we strive to make clothing that you can wear just about any place. You can wear our swim leggings around the house. You can wear our women's dresses to work. You can wear beach pants to go out for drinks at night. The amazing thing about Cabana Life clothing is that it's structured enough to flatter your figure and hold in any lumps and bumps, but it also lets you move when you need to.

So throw on your favorite Cabana Life essentials and try this 10-minute yoga routine.

1. Extended Puppy Dog Pose
Sometimes referred to as Anahatasana, heart chakra pose or ushana shishosana, this pose opens the chest and hips, stretches the hamstrings, shoulders and abdominal muscles and creates coolness in the body. It can help warm up the back muscles in preparation for other movements.

Begin on all fours. Walk your hands forward while keeping your hips stacked over your knees. As you extend your arms in front of you, keeping them straight, bow your chest down to the floor. Your chest and throat should be making contact with or hovering over the floor, your arms should be straight, and your hips should be raised, pointing at the ceiling. Keep your gaze forward and take a few long, deep breaths.

2. Downward Dog With a Twist
Return to tabletop (all fours). Place your hands in front of your shoulders and tuck your toes under. Press your hips up to the ceiling, straightening your legs, until you're in an upside-down "V". Relax your neck, and make sure that your inner elbows are facing each other.

Take a deep breath in. As you exhale, reach your right hand underneath you and grab your left ankle. Keep your left arm straight, and turn your chest toward the left. Breathe in, then exhale as you return to downward facing dog. Repeat the twist to the right. End the pose in downward dog.

3. Twisted Forward Bend
Walk your hands toward your feet, then roll up to standing, concentrating on straightening one vertebra at a time. Dive down, extending your arms to the side as you bend from the hips, until both hands are touching the floor in front of your toes. Use a block if your hand doesn't reach the floor.

Lift your left arm and twist your upper body to the left. Your left arm should extend toward the ceiling, forming a line with your right arm. Keep your hips square, and bend your right knee. Focus on pushing the ground away with your right hand and reaching for the sky with your left as you take 5 breaths. Switch to the other side.

4. Chair Pose
Roll back up to standing. Lift your arms up and hold them shoulder width apart with palms facing each other, pointing your fingers at the ceiling above your head. Begin to drop your hips back and down, as though you're about to sit in a chair. Hold in your abdominals, and keep the weight in your heels. Remember to breathe as you hold the pose for a few breaths. This will build up heat in your muscles. Breathe into this heat, don't shy away from it.

5. Chair Twist
If you need to rest, stand up straight and then come back into chair pose. Bend the elbows and press your palms together in front of your heart. Begin to rotate your upper body to the left as you exhale and hook your right elbow on the side of your left thigh. Take a few breaths in this position, and then rotate to the right.

To transition to the next pose, stand up straight with arms above your head. Dive down to a forward fold, then flatten your back and come up halfway. Exhale, and press your hands to the floor next to your feet.

6. Crescent
Step back with your right foot, bending your left at a 90-degree angle and keeping it between your hands. Your left foot should be flat, and your right heel should be up. Swing your upper body up, keeping your arms straight and extended toward the ceiling. Keep your arms shoulder width apart. Point your tailbone down as you hold in your abdominals. Work on keeping your right leg straight, but bend it as you need to. Take a few breaths.

7. Crescent Twist
Bend forward again, placing your hands on either side of your left foot. Keeping your right hand planted firmly on the ground, lift your left arm and twist your torso to the left until your left arm is extended toward the ceiling. Breathe.

Repeat the crescent and crescent twist poses on the other side. To transition to the next pose, extend both legs out behind you in a plank. Drop your knees and come into tabletop. Lift your upper body until you're in a kneeling pose, resting on your shins.

8. Camel Pose
In a kneeling pose, make sure that your tailbone is lifted and you are not sitting back on your legs. Place your hands on your hips and begin to round your chest up to the ceiling, bending backward. Press your tailbone down, and lift your ribs. Place your hands back on your ankles and take several breaths. Roll up slowly to come out of the position.

9. Seated Forward Bend
Come into a sitting position with your legs stretched out in front of you. Sit up tall, then bend forward and grab your shins, ankles or feet. Try to keep the back straight, and hinge from the hips. Keep your legs engaged, but relax your neck and shoulders. Breathe as you relax into the pose.

10. Savasana
End your session by lying on your back on the floor with your arms and legs extended. Take several deep breaths and sink into the floor. To come out of the pose, wiggle your fingers and toes, and bring your knees up to your chest. Hug your knees, and roll to one side. When you're ready, come into sitting position.

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