Wear Cabana Life for a Safe Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is all about getting outside. Whether you're going to the beach, heading to the pool or celebrating at an all-day barbecue, you're bound to catch some rays. While it's nice to feel the sun on your face, it's not going to be a fun after party if you're suffering from a sunburn.

Have a safe Memorial Day in the sun while showing off your own personal style. Here's what to wear this Memorial Day weekend.

Pool Party

This may be the first time you've worn a swimsuit all year. Don't make the mistake of heading out unprotected. Cover up the spots you often miss with a swimsuit that delivers 50+ UV protection. A tankini eases you into the season without baring all of your winter-white skin. There's enough coverage to take you from the pool to the patio.

Backyard Barbecue

If you want to stay out of the sun while staying cool, wear a preppy summer dress from Cabana Life. The typical sundress doesn't offer enough coverage. Plus, thin cotton only offers you the protection of about SPF 5. Our women's shift dresses have long sleeves to protect your shoulders and arms, but the fabric is completely breathable. You'll hardly even know that you're wearing anything at all, and if your kids spray you with the hose, you'll dry off quickly.


Do you need the freedom to play frisbee and frolic with your kids while staying protected from the sun? Women's swim skirts and shorts aren't just for taking a dip. They pair perfectly with tankini tops or women's rashguards to keep you cool while you're playing.


Maybe you want to show off a little more skin on the sand. Bikini tops in prints and solids come in a variety of styles. Throw on a rashguard while you're surfing, then take it off to reveal a sleeker style while you're lounging on the shore. Don't forget to pack your bag with plenty of sunscreen. You'll need to reapply when you get out of the water.

While you're shopping for your safe Memorial Day essentials, don't forget to pick something up for the kids and your husband, too. Men's rashguards are sporty enough for tennis, but they're breezy enough for flipping burgers. A full line of sun protective playwear, swimwear and accessories for girls and boys will help you keep your Memorial Day stress free.

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