Summer Checklist - Are You Ready?


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been bombarding you with information about skin checks, melanoma, sun safety and how to stay stylish in the heat of the season. Now you’re ready to go out and have a great summer. Just in case you're one of those type-A, planning type of people, we've created this handy summer checklist so that you can get your summer started with the proper arsenal of sun protection.

7 Steps to Get You Ready for Summer

1. Stock up on the right kind of sunscreen for your whole family. We love Supergoop! The company's wide variety of products are free of dangerous chemicals and safe for kids.

2. Revamp your skincare routine to make your skin glow, even if it's still winter white. You'll be less tempted to expose your skin to the sun if it looks amazingly brilliant as it is.

3. Buy a beach umbrella that will provide shade for your outdoor adventures all summer long.

4. If you're not already doing it, start the day off by applying sunscreen to everyone in the family. Make sure you reapply sunscreen as necessary. (Within 20 minutes of going out in the sun and then every 2 hours or directly after swimming or sweating. Towel off first, of course.)

5. - Check your skin for warning signs of melanoma, and record your spots, marks and moles on a body map

6. - Schedule an appointment with a dermatologist to do a full skin checkup. Even if you aren't due for a complete check this month, make the appointment for about six months from your last one, and put it on your calendar.

7. - Fill in your summer wardrobe with fashion-friendly Cabana Life products that will also help you stay protected from the sun all season.

Now that you're prepared with this nifty summer checklist, go out and enjoy the season knowing that you and your family are protected from harmful UV rays.

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