The Newest Innovation in Sunscreen is .... Goop?


The word “goop” isn’t something you necessarily want to associate with sunscreen. Unless we’re talking about Supergoop. Really? You may be asking yourself. Do I really want to slather my skin with something called Supergoop? Yes, yes you do. Trust us.

The founders of Supergoop! sunscreen know that you don’t want something sticky and goopy on your skin. Their mission is to save the world from skin cancer, and they understand that you’re not going to wear sunscreen if it feels gross.

Supergoop sunscreen products are the antithesis of traditional sunscreens, which can be tacky and greasy. Many natural sunscreens can be difficult to spread and don’t absorb easily into skin.

Supergoop sunscreen products are lightweight and feel good when you wear them. In addition, there are multitudes of products for different preferences.

Spray Mist Sunscreen

One of the best innovations in modern sunscreen is the spray mist. You can spray it on wet or dry skin, and you don’t end up rubbing sand into your skin as you apply it. This is a great option for wiggly kids or for spraying your own back when you’re beaching it solo. It’s also ideal for sports players because it doesn’t get all over your hands as you put it on.

Sunscreen Oil

The last time you used a tanning oil in the sun, was it the 1980s? The sunscreen oil offered by Supergoop! nourishes your skin and prevents it from drying out while it covers you with SPF 50 protection. The antioxidants and oils in the product help counteract aging, so you’re multitasking when you use it.

Everyday Supergoop Sunscreen

The everyday sunscreen is an oil-free, non-comedogenic lotion that absorbs quickly and lasts long. It contains better moisturizers than the hyaluronic acid that’s probably in many of your skincare products and antioxidants to fight free radicals. Natural boise de rose, citrus and basil extracts make you smell subtly amazing. The best part? It comes in several sizes, including a large 18 oz. “endless summer” pump that provides easy dispensing and locks in order to pack into your diaper bag or luggage.

Skincare Products With Sunscreen

That’s only scratching the surface. Every Supergoop! skincare product contains sunscreen in addition to targeted ingredients that improve the skin. Serums and sprays, eye creams and CC creams, lip balms and hand creams are only some of the offerings available from Supergoop!. There are so many products that are ideal for aging, sensitive, dry, irritated or acne-prone skin that we can’t help but love this company.

Plus, we neglected to mention the fact that Supergoop sunscreen doesn’t contain scary chemicals. That means you can use it on everyone in the family. No more shopping around for separate products for mom, dad and baby. Supergoop! is truly ageless.

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