Memorial Day Activities - Things to Do With Kids

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Memorial Day is one of those holidays that's a treat for everyone in the family. Mom and dad usually have time off from work, and kids get to miss an extra day of school. It's like getting a little taste of summer vacation before it's actually here. It's a definite bonus if the weather is nice during the weekend. This is the time to get out and have some fun in the sun. Even if it's supposed to rain all weekend, don't be disappointed. We've put together a list of fun Memorial Day activities that you can do with the family whether it rains or shines.

1. Go on a bike ride. Stop for a picnic lunch.
2. Arrange a picnic lunch on your living room floor.
3. Visit a national park.
4. Pretend your house is a national park and have your kids take you through an imaginative tour of the wonders you'll see.
5. Look up and attend a local festival or parade. Watching a parade will give you a chance to explain to your kids what Memorial Day is all about.
6. Put on your sun protective clothing, sunscreen and floppy hat and head to the beach. Don't have a beach nearby? Bring your beach gear out on the lawn, set up the sprinklers, and hang out all day.
7. Do you live near a minor league ball park? Head to a game.
8. Take advantage of Memorial Day sales and go on a shopping spree.
9. Do a red, white and blue craft with your kids.
10. Play Twister--indoors or out.

Whatever you do this Memorial Day, enjoy the time that you have together.

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