Graduation Gifts: Give Your Grad the Gift of Sun Protection

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It's that time. Your baby is growing up. Seeing your child grow into an independent adult is bittersweet. It can be challenging to find the perfect graduation gifts that demonstrate that you recognize how responsible your grad is and are proud to see her forge a path into the future.

Now that your child is officially responsible for her own lifestyle, give some graduation gifts that reinforce that. Your graduate will have to implement new routines and learn how to be a productive member of society. You've instilled your own knowledge, inspiration and experience on her, and now she's ready to head into the world on her own.

One of the best graduation gifts you can give is the gift of a long and healthy life. Infusing your grad with the value of wellness and self-care will go a long way. You have probably already given the speech about the importance of getting enough sleep and eating healthily.

Now it's time to reinforce the lesson about sun protection. Sure, your responsible graduate already knows to stay away from the tanning bed and to reapply sunscreen every few hours while on spring break, but does she know that all the sunscreen in the world won't protect his youthful skin completely?

It takes more than sunscreen alone to protect your grad from melanoma. Clothing is the best protection against damaging UV rays. Now is the time to encourage your grad to cover up whenever she's outside.

It's easy to convince trendy teens or twenty-somethings to keep their skin covered when Cabana Life offers such fashionable sun protective clothing options. When you're putting together your graduation gifts, load up your kiddo with everything she'll need to have fun in the sun without worrying about the risk of melanoma.

Leggings are all the rage these days. Your grad can pair swim leggings with a preppy tunic dress as an everyday outfit or a beach cover up. Add a UV 50+ women's rashguard for chilly evenings.

Does your grad have a more boho style? Flowy beach pants pair well with a sun protective tankini top. Billowy beach cover ups double as laid-back dresses for hanging out with friends or even going out at night.

Your grad will be grateful for a whole new wardrobe, especially when it's fashion forward and helps them stay looking younger longer. After all, this should be the time of their lives, not the time to worry about wrinkles and sun damage.

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