Get Glowing Goddess Skin (Without a Tan)


Just a decade or two ago, a tan was considered to be a sign that you were healthy, rugged and spent enough time outdoors. Now we know that a tan is simply a sign of skin damage. There's no such thing as a healthy tan.Darkened skin means that the DNA in your skin cells has been damaged and the cells have released melanin to help protect itself. That melanin makes you look tan, but it also means that your skin has been injured. There's a better way to look healthy, and it doesn't involve baking your skin cells. In fact, there are several skincare techniques that will help you get glowing goddess skin no matter what your skin tone is.


It's not just your knees, elbows and feet that need exfoliation. Gently exfoliating your entire body as well as your face and neck can help you maintain a healthy glow. Make a DIY scrub to use in the shower. You can use it on your face or any body part. It will help rev up your circulation and get rid of dead skin cells, revealing a youthful flush.


Use a highlighter as part of your makeup routine. Adding a product with a slight sheen to your cheekbones will reflect light and give you glowing goddess skin. If you have a darker skin tone, sweep a shimmery bronzer on the apples of your cheeks. If you have fair skin, choose a light-reflecting, champagne-colored highlighter or foundation. If you're going for the natural look, simply dab on a small amount of lip gloss along your cheekbones. Don't go overboard; a little goes a long way. You can also add a squirt of highlighter to your body lotion to make your whole body glow.


Glowing skin is hydrated from the inside and outside. Drink enough water every day. (Divide your weight in half. That's how many ounces you should be drinking daily.) Don't skimp on moisturizer, either. Rub on a body lotion that contains SPF every time you step out of the shower. Your morning facial routine should include a moisturizer with SPF too. Use heavier lotions with targeted ingredients at night to replenish lost moisture, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and detoxify the skin.

You don't need to look like an Amazon queen to have glowing goddess skin. Every skin tone can be captivating with proper skin care. That includes using daily SPF lotion, staying hydrated and exfoliating frequently. You'll look dewy and youthful if you follow these tips.

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