Find a Free Skin Cancer Screening Near You


With all the talk about skin checks for melanoma, you might be dialing in to your dermatologist as we speak. But making an appointment with a physician is something we all may put off. It's something else to do in our already hectic schedules. It costs money. It's hard to fit in between dropping the kids at school and arriving at work.

But it's so important that you need to work it into your schedule.

We've made it easier for you by letting you in on this not-so-secret campaign by the American Academy of Dermatology.

FREE Skin Cancer Screenings

Hundreds of physicians have volunteered their time to offer SPOTmeĀ® free skin cancer screenings across the United States. Most screenings occur in the spring, because it's a good idea to get your skin checked before summer sun exposure, and May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. However, you can find screenings throughout the year.

If there's not a screening in your area, you can sign up to receive alerts that let you know when one becomes available near you.

Click here to find out about free skin cancer screenings in your area.

What To Expect At A Free Skin Cancer Screening

A board-certified dermatologist will inspect your skin for signs of skin cancer or abnormalities. Depending on how much privacy is available at your location, you may or may not receive a full exam. This rapid screening should not replace your regular yearly screening, but it can get you off on the right foot before swimsuit season.

Keep your skin protected before and after the screening. Wear sunscreen every day even if you're staying indoors. Skin-damaging UV rays can still penetrate windows. Wearing sun protective clothing is one of the best ways to protect your skin against cancer.

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