Every Day is Mother's Day


Some people consider Mother's Day to be one of those Hallmark holidays. You know, not a real holiday, but an excuse to give money to the card and flower shops. If you're a mom, you know that while it's nice to have a holiday devoted entirely to you, you often want nothing more than some peace, quiet and alone time on Mother's Day.

Why is it that on the one day that is all about you being a mother, all you want is to get away from it all?

Because you're a mother every day.

Every day, you pack lunches.

Every day, you tame tantrum or soothe tears.

Every day, you worry about your children's safety, health and happiness.

Every day, you think about your children.

Every day, you kiss little faces and tie little shoelaces.

Every day, you wonder if you're raising them right.

It's nice to get a token of appreciation on Mother's Day, but when it comes to what you actually want to do on the day that's supposed to be all about you, it's ok to feel like you want a break.

Put on your sun protective clothing and spend the day reading a good book under the shade of a large tree. Treat yourself to a meal at your favorite restaurant that you never have time for. Get a massage. Take a long, hot shower with the most indulgent skin care products.

If you're not a mom, remember to give your mom gratitude. Not only on Mother's Day, but every day of the year.

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