Crafts with Wine Corks For National Wine Day

Crafts with Wine Corks For National Wine Day

Today is National Wine Day. (Like you needed another excuse to drink wine). Unwind with a glass after a long day. Don’t throw out your cork, though. You can make crafts with wine corks to decorate your home or just get creative with the kids. We’ve compiled some crafts with wine corks below that you can do with just one cork or with all of the corks you’ve ever saved. We have included sophisticated grown-up crafts as well as one to do with children.

Wine Cork Wall Art

Buy a flat wooden letter (the first letter of your last name is cute to hang in a foyer) from the craft store to use as a backer for this wall art project. If you don’t want to use a letter for your wall art, choose a shape like a heart. Using a glue gun, attach all of the corks to the letter. Glue one circular side so that the cork is sticking out perpendicular from the backer. If you want to get really fancy, you can dip the end of each cork in watercolor or acrylic paint and let it dry before you glue it on.

Wine Cork Magnets

Cut wine corks into flat, coin-like segments. Each segment should be about 1/4-inch thick. Paint one side using acrylic paints. You can write a letter on each one or simply paint them in colors that match your kitchen. Add a design with paint pens if you want to get really fancy. Buy a pack of magnets from the craft store, and glue a magnet onto the back of each cork using hot glue. This is one of the great crafts with wine corks that you can make from a single cork. Here’s a tip: If you want to cut your corks cleanly without crumbling, boil them in water for about 10 minutes.

Wine Cork Boats

Kids will love this one. Take 3 wine corks and lay them down side by side. Secure them with rubber bands so that they form a raft. Cut a triangle out of card stock, and insert a toothpick to make a sail. Poke the toothpick into the center cork. Test out your pirate ship on the open water (or just in your bathtub).

Now there's no longer a reason to get upset when you've drained your wine bottle. That just means it's time to get creative. And, of course, you must buy more in order to save the corks for all the crafts with wine corks that you're planning to make.


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