Trends with Benefits: The Cabana Lifestyle Is Good For Your Health

Cabana Life 50+ UPV Sun Protective Clothing

You try to eat healthy foods. You exercise. You have rituals to help you relieve stress. You wear sunscreen. How often do you consider that what you wear is something that you’re doing for your health? You try to stay current on fashion trends, but did you know that one of the biggest trends actually helps prevent melanoma?

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, clothing is actually our main line of defense against damaging UV rays. Since it was founded in the late 70's, the Skin Cancer Foundation has stated that sunscreen on its own is not enough to prevent skin cancer. The fourth item on the Foundation's list of prevention guidelines is to cover up with clothing.

That's why Cabana Life is so intent on blending fashion with function. Your body is exposed to UV radiation every day. Whether you're paddle boarding, lying on the beach, driving in your car or sitting in your coveted cubicle--the one next to the windows--your skin is getting hit with UVA or UVB radiation. Both damage your cells' DNA. Mutations in the damaged cells can lead to skin cancer.

There are a lot of healthy practices that we don't do even though we know they're good for us. According to Harvard Health Publications, five out of six people don't get the recommended amount of cardiovascular and strength exercise every week. Even though we know we should get 30 minutes of exercise a day, we'll skimp on it if it's not practical. Although we understand that minimally processed food is better for our health, we eat less of it when it doesn't fit with our lifestyle. Sun protective clothing follows the same rules; if it's not something you would want to wear, you're not going to put it on just because it's good for you.

The Cabana lifestyle is about more than just living a life of luxury, leisure and purpose. It's about making healthy choices when it comes to sun protection. By making sun protection trendy, Cabana Life makes it easy for you to choose wellness.

So while you're gallivanting around town in your hip lounge pants, you're also protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays. Women's preppy dresses help you feel fashionable at your kids' soccer games, an they also lower your risk of skin cancer. Women's rashguards are a trendy way to transform a conventional T-shirt into a health booster.

The Skin Cancer Foundation gives its seal of recommendation to clothing with UPF protection of about 30. With 50+ UV protection, Cabana Life sun protective clothing is considered to be excellent protection by the foundation. The Cabana lifestyle fuses health awareness with disease prevention while maintaining a healthy dose of style.

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