Sunday Funday: Give Yourself a Pedicure

Cabana Life 50+ UV Protective Clothing Treat yourself to a pedicure

When you’re all covered up during the winter, it’s easy to forget about your feet. They’re stuffed into fuzzy boots, covered with fluffy socks and pretty much forgotten. Now that the sun is starting to warm things up, it’s time to check whether your toes are appropriate for public view. That doesn’t mean that you have to go crazy with color. But if the word “talons” comes to mind when you catch a glimpse of your tootsies, it’s not a good sign. Give yourself a mini spa day with a simple Sunday pedicure. Bonus points if you can convince your boyfriend to buff your heels while you read a magazine.

Clean Up
Honestly, nothing starts any pampering routine better than a long, hot shower. Remove any existing nail polish using non-acetone remover and clip and file your toenails. Hop in the shower, and indulge yourself with a new scrub or lusciously lathering body wash. When you get out, wrap yourself up in your coziest towel or robe, and soak your feet for five more minutes in a tub of warm water.

Now it’s time to get rid of all the dead skin on your feet. Mix some sugar and olive oil together for a quick exfoliator, or buy a specialized foot scrub. If your heels need some extra attention, you can rub them gently with a pumice stone. Don’t scour them too intensely, though, or your skin will respond by toughening up.

Concentrate on the Cuticles
Rub a little vitamin E oil or coconut oil on your cuticles, and push them back using an orange stick. Use the stick to clean under your nails if necessary.

Ahhhh! A Foot Massage
This is perhaps the best part of the pedicure. Put on an episode of Girls, and take your time. Using a rich lotion, massage your feet and ankles. This is a great time to ask for some help!

Pretty Polish
If you’re not planning on using polish, you can simply buff your toenails until they shine. If you will be using polish, use remover to get rid of any traces of oil on the nails, which will cause your color to peel. Choose a mango color that matches our Coral Seas rash guard swimwear. Or pick a turquoise that pops and complements Cabana Life Coastal Crush print. Paint on a base coat, and then apply two thin layers of polish, waiting for them to dry in between. Add a top coat, sit back, and relax. This is when you catch up on your latest Netflix binge or blend up a to enjoy while you unwind.

Now you can step out into spring without hiding anymore.

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