New Dawn, New Day: Getting Active With Your Kids

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Getting active with your kids isn't just about taking them to the park and throwing them into sports. It's a lifestyle change. In order to get active with your kids, there's just as many things that don't need to happen as things that do. This Sunday, rework your routine to get active with your kids.

What NOT to do when getting active with your kids

Look at your daily routine. What are you doing every day that's replacing time that could be spent moving around with your kids? Do you let your daughter play video games when she comes home? Do you have to spend 3 hours every night doing homework? Getting active with your kids involves moving away from the sedentary routines.

  • Don't make it a chore - You know how you feel when you have to drag yourself to the gym and zone out on the treadmill for an hour. Don't do that to your kids.
  • Don't make it seem like you're punishing them - Trading the tablet for outdoor time might sound productive in your mind, but it might seem like a punishment for your child. Work on moving away from the screen time before you trade it in for outdoor time. Replace screen time with a transitional activity, like coloring or a board game. Eventually, move that to a more energetic activity.
  • Don't pull out your phone all the time - If you are constantly looking at your own screens, your kids are going to think that's the norm. Even though it very well may be, we can all agree that it shouldn't. Do something different with your free time to model the behavior you want to see in your child. Here are 3 ways to unplug if you're having trouble with this step.

What TO do when getting active with your kids

  • Do make it fun - Kids love to play games. Instead of asking your kids to go for a walk with you, set up a scavenger hunt that gets them roaming around the neighborhood.
  • Do it with them - It doesn't hurt for you to move around too. Remember exploring in the woods or splashing in the kiddie pool as a kid? Put on your rashguard over your Cabana Life swim suit and get out there with the kiddos. Bonus: The kids will probably bug you less when you do go inside because you spent some quality time with them.
  • Be present - Enjoy yourself. If you're having fun, everyone will have fun. Take this time to live in the moment, play a little bit, and return to your inner child. It will make everyone happier.
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