How to Eat Healthy On Vacation

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Since we’ve been talking about spring cleaning all week, let’s talk about eating clean, shall we? After spring cleaning your closet, your soul, your cocktail and your body, the shock of vacation indulgence can throw you over the edge. You don’t have to let it all go. Get the rejuvenation and relaxation that you crave while keeping a few pointers in mind.

Eat Breakfast
You’ve heard it before: skipping breakfast can lead you to overindulge later in the day. Grab something quick if you’re not really a morning person. A hard-boiled egg or smoothie is enough to get your energy going and prevent you from frequenting the poolside nacho bar later on.

Sneak Snacks
If you can bring some healthy pre-packaged items on vacation with you, you’ll be prepared no matter where you are. Trail mix and granola bars are ideal options for midday snacks. If you’re on a road trip, even convenience stores usually have fresh fruit available.

Find Fresh
There’s nothing better to explore your destination than visiting a local farmer’s market. A bag of juicy tomatoes, a couple of avocados and some handmade cheese make a standout lunch. Spread some blue cheese on a fresh baguette and slather some homemade preserves over it all. Investigate the small juice stand on the side of the road to bypass the fast food chains and check out the local agriculture.

Drink up
If you’re dehydrated, you can feel nauseous, dizzy and fatigued. That’s not how you want to spend your luxury vacation. Stock your hotel room with water bottles, and chug one down as soon as you wake up. It’s like a bath for your insides, and it will get your day started on the right foot. Keep more water in your beach bag, or stash a cooler in your car to keep a cool supply no matter where you go.

When you’re spending time in the sun, it can feel great to toss all your cares to the wind. You’ll end up paying for it when your bloated belly makes you feel like lying around instead of showing off your new sun protective clothing. Take advantage of exotic flavors and fresh fare to eat healthy on vacation.

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