From Lounge to Lunch (To Yoga) In Our New Lounge Pants

Cabana Life 50+ Sun Protective Clothing

Yoga pants have become the unofficial uniform of the leisurely, the sporty, the mom and everyone in between. But the easy-to-wear, flattering and comfortable yoga pant has an up-and-coming cousin: the lounge pants.

Lounge pants have the same inherent comfort as yoga pants, but they’re a little more subtle and a lot more fashionable.

Here are 5 reasons to add lounge pants to your closet:

1. They’re airy – The silhouette is feminine and flatters your curves without hugging them. The trendy shape makes you feel like you’re doing something different with your style even though they’re just as comfy as leggings or yoga pants.

2. They’re breathable – They come in breathable fabrics that keep you cooler than yoga-pant spandex.

3. They’re pretty – Match your printed lounge pants with any solid-color top for an easy way to dress up your look without having to think too hard.

4. They’re versatile – Lounge pants are casual enough to slip over a sun protective swimsuit for a day at the beach. They also instantly transform into a chic outfit for lunch with the girls. The best part is that you can hit up the yoga studio in between without having to change.

5. They’re good for your health – Cabana life lounge pants provide 50+ UV protection. Whether you’re flowing through a vinyasa, lounging by the pool or enjoying brunch at an outdoor café, you’ll be shielded from the sun’s rays.

If you feel like you wear the same thing day in and day out even though you change up your yoga pants, go for the new lounge pants silhouette to add a little flavor, interest and fashion into your style.

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