Cocktails: The Sport for the Rest of Us

Cabana Life 50+ UPF Sun Protective Clothing

We've been talking about sports all week. But what if you don't practice yoga, you're not into surfing and just the thought of running around under the summer sun makes you sweat? Maybe your sport just hasn't been discovered yet. Or maybe you're overlooking the obvious: cocktails are your sport.

The thing is, you still need to have the right gear for your sport. That's right, cocktails can be dangerous.

Spring brings with it outdoor seating, rooftop patios and beach lounging. A few hours sipping drinks under the sun can leave you with a sunburn. A basic cotton T-shirt only provides the equivalent of SPF 5-7 or so.

Women's Printed Dresses

If you're planning to relax with the girls all afternoon, protect your skin the same way that you would at the beach. Cabana Life women's printed dresses make getting ready to go out easy. Just slip on the figure-flattering silhouette, throw on a pair of aviator shades and flats and you're ready for your sport. Our women's printed dresses and cover ups give you 50+ UV protection so that you can stay out longer when you pair them with sunscreen.

Embroidered Rashguards

Embroidered rashguards take the T-shirt from basic to beautiful. The best part is that they're designed as much for socializing as they are for sporting. The zippered neckline lets you adjust your coverage from a crewneck to a deep V. The contrasting detail embroidered on the top gives you a feminine edge even when you're wearing it with jeans or a pencil skirt.

Many of the world's sporting events have a signature cocktail. You drink mint juleps while you watch the Kentucky Derby. The official cocktail of the Masters at Augusta is the Azalea cocktail (a refreshing mixture of lemonade, pineapple juice, gin and grenadine). If you would rather watch the game as you sip on a cocktail, you'll want to make sure that you're prepped for your game with Cabana Life's refined sun protective clothing.

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