Closet Need a Makeover? Break Out of the Box with Perfect Prints

Cabana Life 50+ UPF Sun Protective Clothing

How bold is your wardrobe? If you’re standing in front of your closet staring at all the white, black and grey, maybe it’s time to step outside the box. Sure, maybe you have a pop of brightness in there, but where are the prints? Prints are one of the easiest ways to make your closet more fashionable. Let us walk you through it.

Printed Dresses
Dresses are oh-so-easy. You just slip them on and head out the door. That means that you can turn up the vibe with a unique print without looking overdone. The Oceana Swing Shift Dress has a subtle island vibe that makes it casual enough for the beach, but the contrasting embroidery makes it downtown chic. The Palm Breeze Tunic Dress matches the perfect amount of prep with tropical tranquility, making it versatile enough to wear over capris to a work function or on its own as your #1 spring dress for home or travel.

Fancy Pants
If you’re a jeans-and-T-shirt kind of girl, printed beach pants can take your fashion sense up a notch without even trying. Coastal Crush Beach Pants blend denim blues with touches of turquoise to maintain your boho-chic style when paired with a relaxed neutral top. If you’re feeling floral and flirty, pull on a pair of Coral Seas Beach Pants to add juicy appeal to your white T-shirts.

Women’s Rashguards
Neutral shorts get thrown into style overdrive with a printed women’s rashguard. It’s the perfect combination of completely comfy and utterly stylish. It turns heads without even trying. Cabana Life printed women’s rashguards are sporty enough to wear when you need the versatility of athletic clothing, but their feminine silhouettes make them an ideal sun protective alternative to the everyday T-shirt.

Prints are the ultimate spring accessory. Slide into a printed dress or switch your shirt for a printed women’s rashguard, and you can walk right out the door feeling perfectly put together.

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