Cabana Life Takes on Surfing with Sun Protective Swimwear

Cabana Life 50+ UPV Sun Protective Clothing

Every year, more women take up surfing as a sport. At Cabana Life, we've had to keep up with the trend in order to offer sun protective swimwear that allows for movement, improves performance and provides 50+ UV protection.

When you're hanging out offshore waiting for the perfect wave, the sun's rays are reflecting at you from all angles. What's more, you're also getting splashed by the water. Sunscreen gets rubbed off by the breakers and the friction between you and the board. You're not going to head in every 20 minutes to reapply sunscreen. Sun protective swimwear will keep you covered while you ride the waves.

Women's Rashguards

The women's rashguard is perhaps the most quintessential piece of sun protective swimwear for surfing. It prevents your chest and stomach from getting chafed against the sandy board. It also covers your shoulders, back and arms, blocking 98 percent of UV radiation. The women's rashguard also keeps your bikini top in place when you take a hard spill.

Swim Leggings

The backs of the knees are particularly sensitive to the sun, especially when they're exposed to the sun for hours. You don't have to wear a wetsuit to cover them. Cabana Life swim leggings are breathable athletic pants that make a perfect match-up to your rashguard.

Swim Shorts

Pair sun protective swim shorts with a rashguard for a bikini alternative while surfing. They provide more protection for sun-sensitive areas and won't move out of place while you're active.

At Cabana Life, we know that there's more to life than surfing. Our sun protective swimwear is designed to take you from the board to the boardwalk. After you've packed up your board, you can lounge around in your swim pants and rashguard while you watch the sunset. Our sun protective swimwear is made of quick-drying fabric that makes you just as comfortable and fashionable on land as you are at sea.

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