Cabana Life Takes on Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

Cabana Life 50+ Sun Protective Clothing

Are you tired of dragging your mat to the yoga studio and spending time indoors when you could be outside enjoying the sunshine? Yoga provides a whole new challenge when it’s done on a stand up paddleboard. Stand up paddleboard yoga, also known as SUP yoga, is becoming a trend across the globe.

It’s also right up our alley. At Cabana Life, we’re always thinking about where our sun protective clothing can go. Stand up paddleboard yoga requires you to stay comfortable while you’re spending time in the sun. Our sun protective women’s rashguards and swim leggings keep everything in place while you’re downward dogging in the middle of the water.

Here are 5 reasons to try stand up paddleboard yoga.

1. You’ll get instant feedback about your technique.

Yoga is all about maintaining equal weight throughout your body. When you’re holding a pose during stand up paddleboard yoga, you’ll know instantly if you’re putting more pressure on one side of your body than the other.

2. You’ll get better results.

Stand up paddleboard yoga encourages you to use your core. When you’re balancing on a stand up paddleboard, you have to engage your core muscles more than if you’re on steady ground. This helps you work more muscles within each yoga pose.

3. It’ll help you relax.

The feeling of weightlessness combined with the sound of the water is calming.

4. It makes you more connected.

Yoga isn’t just about performing physical activity; yoga connects you with the universe. When you’re practicing stand up paddleboard yoga outdoors, it’s easier to meditate on that idea. The fresh air, the sunlight and the sound of the waves lapping at your board help you feel like you’re one with nature.

5. It’s a bigger challenge.

If you feel like you’ve reached a plateau with your practice, stand up paddleboard yoga brings up a new challenge. You don’t even have to learn any new poses.

It’s not hard to find places to learn stand up paddleboard yoga. Check out the locator on the Namaste SUP website to find out more about the SUP paddleboard yoga community in your area. And don’t forget to prepare yourself with the right equipment, sunscreen and sun protective clothing.

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