10 Ideas for Backyard Fun

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As the days get warmer, getting out into the backyard becomes more enticing. Getting out into nature can help you bust stress and unplug from technology. Many of us stare out at the green grass, but we don’t know what we would do out there. Lying out on the lounge chair slathered in baby oil just isn’t safe anymore.

Next time you want to enjoy some fresh air, pull on some sun protective clothing and crank up the fun factor with these backyard activities.

1. Plant a wildflower garden.
2. Have a water balloon fight.
3. Use a metallic paint pen to inscribe inspirational affirmations, like calm, peace, and balance on stones.
4. Hang a hummingbird feeder.
5. Play baseball with the kids.
6. Chase your shadow.
7. Toss the Frisbee.
8. Play bocce. You could even brush up on your skills by playing alone.
9. Imagine shapes in the clouds.
10. Star gaze.

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