You Are What You Wear: How the Right Clothing Can Affect Your Mood

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You’ve probably experienced it—you wake up in the morning feeling a little less than lovely. You’re exhausted, unmotivated and overwhelmed. You could head out in the same yoga pants that you slept in, but instead, you slip on something a little more sophisticated. Then you throw your hair into a ponytail and swipe on your favorite lipstick.

Chances are, those small choices could have made your day. In a recent study, researchers found that 96 percent of women believed that what they wore affected their confidence. Wearing figure-flattering clothing in “bright and beautiful fabrics” can help you feel happy.

The Mental Effect of Your Style
When you’re wearing clothes that don’t fit well or make you feel frumpy, chances are you’ll be focusing on those negative feelings throughout the day. That can be exhausting. When you put on clothes that you love, you look in the mirror, give yourself a thumbs up, and forget about it for the rest of the day. Instead of worrying about your appearance, no matter how subconsciously, you have time to focus on the other things that are important in your life, like your daily tasks, connecting with colleagues or loved ones and creative ideas for the next project you’re managing at work.

Boosting Your Own Happiness
So next time you need a pick-me-up, before you even grab your coffee, consider what you’re wearing. Putting on a print that reminds you of lounging in the tropics can instantly relax you. Throwing on a dress made from sun protective fabric is easier than pulling on a pair of jeans, and all you need are some flats and fun jewelry to go with it. With clothing that was designed to be blissful comes a cheery mood that can rub off on just about everyone you interact with.

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