Packing for Vacation? Repurpose Those Plastic Eggs

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We hope you’re spending time with your family today. Hopefully you’re able to enjoy some sunshine or spend time outdoors. After a holiday filled with sweet treats, you’re probably left with more than a few of those plastic eggs. Of course you tell yourself that you’re going to save the environment and stash them away for next year. Here are some other ways to repurpose plastic eggs to use for your next vacation after a fun-filled Easter Sunday.

Jewelry Holder
When you’re packing for vacation, does your jewelry end up in a tangled mess? Maybe you don’t pack enough of your bling to fill an entire travel jewelry bag, but you still want to bring along a few of your favorites. Pack necklaces and earrings in plastic eggs to keep them organized and safe during your travels.

Portable Money Container
It’s not completely waterproof, but a plastic egg will protect your valuables when you’re hanging out on the beach. Keep your dollars safe while you’re surfing by throwing them in a plastic egg. It’s less obvious than a waterproof money holder, and it will keep your money dry and free of sand.

Mini First-Aid Kit
When you pack for vacation, do you throw some Band-Aids into your toiletry kit and call it a day? Use plastic eggs to make a tiny first-aid kit that you can bring with you on all your adventures. Put in a few Band-Aids as well as some packets of antibiotic ointment and a couple of painkillers. If you’re planning on indulging in the all-you-can-drink cocktail hour, you might just want to pack an entire egg full of ibuprofen.

Snack Container
If you’re traveling with the little ones, you know they’re going to be begging for snacks the moment you hit the sand. Pack small nibbles in several plastic eggs to bring to the beach with you. If your kiddo drops one serving in the sand, there will be plenty more.

Reward Holder
When you’re on vacation with the kids, there are definitely times that call for bribery. Bring along a few tiny treats to convince the kids to stay in bed longer, stop the sibling rivalry and stay quiet on the plane.

Although you’re probably thinking about all of the rashguards, dresses and sun block clothing that you need to pack for your next trip, don’t forget the smaller essentials. Keep small items from getting crushed and make them easily accessible by squirreling them away in plastic Easter eggs to bring along on your journey.

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