How to Bond with Your Family by Taking a Vacation

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Do your afternoons consist of the kids staring at the TV or zoning out with a handheld device? Do you plan your weekends based on the movies your kids can watch? Tell the truth: Do your children stare at screens much more than you ever said you would allow? And can you tear yourself away from your phone for even an hour?

Families are losing touch with each other because they’re stuck in front of technology. We have forgotten how to connect with humans because we’re always connected to electronics. On this #TransformationTuesday, why not try something new and really connect? Taking a vacation with your family is a great way to have fun together without relying on social media for fulfillment.

Road Trip
If car trips usually involve the kids playing video games or staring at the DVD player, why not change it up? Take a day trip, and play I-Spy as you drive. Print out a travel bingo game online before you go. Put together a sing-along CD.

Head Outdoors
You don’t have to go far to get away from it all. Kids thrive when they’re allowed to run wild. Rent a cabin off the beaten path and let loose. Sip your coffee on the porch in the morning, listening to the sounds of the birds instead of the news. Encourage your kids to put on their rashguards and head outside to explore and collect bugs. Print out some nature craft ideas to bring with you on your trip.

Beaching It
The sun can revive everyone in the family. Mom and dad can lounge on the sand with a tropical drink while the kids make sandcastles. Take it one step further and have a sand-castle-building contest with the kids. Put Cabana Life rashguards on everyone in the family and jump the waves. Teach the kids how to swim. Go on a sailing adventure.

When you travel with your family, you get to know each other a little better as long as you put down the electronics. Challenge yourselves to bond and to enjoy nature while taking a break from homework, stress and social media.

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