How More Time Off Can Help You Be ON More of The Time

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Are you stressed out, overwhelmed and in need of a break? Apparently Americans don’t do vacation all that well. The Center for Economic and Policy Research reports that 25 percent of the workforce in the United States doesn’t get paid vacation time, and a 2014 Fox News article shocked the world by telling us that 75 percent of workers with paid time off don’t even take it all.

How much time do you give yourself to escape every year? Research shows that taking some leisure time can actually help improve your quality of life when you’re not basking in the sun on a Caribbean island. If you want to have a better life when you’re home, take time to get away.

People who take vacation more often:

• Come up with more creative ideas because they give their minds a chance to turn off the pressure.

• Feel better about their jobs.

• Are more productive when they return to work.

• Have lower blood pressure, better moods and smaller waistlines.

• Are more likely to maintain healthy lifestyles.

• Bond better with their families.

Your brain doesn’t have a stockpile of energy and brilliance. When you feel tapped out, there’s not much you can do to boost your brainpower unless you take a vacation.

The bottom line? If you make sure not to skimp on vacation, you’ll improve your health, improve the economy (because you’ll work harder when you are at home) and improve your relationships. Just make sure that you’re really taking a break.

Put on a rashguard and get on a paddle board instead of surfing the Internet from your smartphone. Touch base with your inner bathing beauty in sun protective swimwear instead of touching base with your boss. Really take the time to get away in order to reap the benefits of your break.

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