Have You Thanked a Doctor Today?

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Every time you expose your skin to the sun, your risk for skin cancer increases. But every time you spend five minutes in your dermatologist’s office, you’re doing something that can possibly save your life. The American Cancer Society recommends getting at least two skin checkups a year.

With all that time your doctor spends saving your life, have you thought to thank him or her?

There’s a Q & A blog out there called Ask an MD. Do you know what the most common question is that the author receives?

It’s not “How often should I get my moles checked?” or “What are the symptoms of skin cancer?” It’s “How can I thank my doctor?”

Doctors are not larger-than-life idols who require insane acts of veneration. They would love to hear a simple “Thank you.” You can say it in person or send a card. In fact, taking time after the appointment—even if it’s months later—shows your doctor that you’re not just polite, but you’re truly grateful.

Today is National Doctor’s Day. Have you thanked your doctor? If not, write a quick note right now and pop it in the mail. You’ll probably make your doctor’s day.

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