Dress for the Weather on Your Spring Break Vacay

Cabana Life 50+ UV Stylish Sun Protective Clothing

Spring break is the perfect time to take a vacation. Depending on where you go, you may experience warm days that cool off at night. It’s not usually so hot that you bake into a crisp. In fact, if you’re not close to the equator, it can still be downright chilly in the shade. Prepare for anything that comes your way by making sure that you include these crucial pieces in your luggage.

Zippered Women’s Rashguards
A full-zip rashguard is like a hoodie, only better. During the day, you can use it to shield your skin from the hot sun. It’s breathable and quick-drying, so it will be ready to tie around your waist in case the Caribbean breeze turns cool when you head out for cocktails.

A Spring Scarf
An extra layer of breezy fabric is the perfect way to casually dress up your look to go from the beach to the boardwalk. You can drape a thin scarf around your neck or wrap it around your shoulders to combat any chill.

Beach Pants
Just like the name suggests, you can wear beach pants while strolling along the sand or while touring around town. Add a bikini top, a rashguard and strappy sandals to complete a look that provides you with sun protection and gets you ready to jet set.

Sun Hats
Even though the spring sun may not feel too strong, you’ll soak in some rays while hanging out on a rooftop bar or sipping a margarita next to your cabana. In addition to wearing sun protective clothing, throw a sun hat into your bag so that you’re always prepared. It will keep your hair from frizzing up if it rains, and it will shield your face from the sun’s rays all day long.

Even if you’re not heading to the beach, having sun protective clothing can save your skin on your next vacation. Bring versatile pieces to layer on as you dress for the weather on spring break.

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