#CabanaLifeTravels – Planning a Group Getaway

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If you’re thinking about spring break but aren’t quite sure what you want to do, here’s a novel idea: take a trip with your friends. A group getaway is a great way to catch up with friends who you’ve been meaning to see more of all winter.

The More, The Merrier

Admit it—even you get bored after hanging out with only your family or your spouse day in day out for a week. When you travel with a group, there are more people to help watch your kids while you catch up on a gossip magazine from the comfort of your lounge chair. There will always be someone to share an interesting anecdote after your husband has told the one about your honeymoon for the 100th time. You can also borrow your friend’s rashguard or sunhat if you forgot to drag yours down to the beach.

Safety in Numbers

It can be safer to head out with a group than on your own. You’ll always have someone as part of your buddy system on a group getaway.

A Better Budget

Instead of staying in separate hotel rooms, consider renting an entire house for your stay. A beautiful villa with a private pool can actually be affordable when you split it with a bunch of friends. You’ll still have your own sleeping quarters, and you can take advantage of other amenities that might otherwise have not been available to you. You can also often get discounts on attractions and adventures when you book tickets for a large group.

If you are planning to travel with the whole band, make sure that you set some clear expectations and boundaries before you leave. It can be uncomfortable if one person expects to go out to five-course meals every night and another person expects everyone to share in the grocery shopping and cooking. As long as you’re all on the same page, you can make your vacation extra exciting by taking it with your buddies. Where are you taking your friends this spring break? Let us know with #CabanaLifeTravels.

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