A Tisket, A Tasket…. Cabana Life In Their Basket

Cabana Life 50+UV Stylish Sun Protective Clothing

If your kids are anything like our kids, you can probably instantly tell when they’ve ingested a teaspoon of sugar, not to mention an entire Easter basket filled with chocolate. They’re going to get enough sugary treats at school, at church and from the grandparents. Why not do something a little different to surprise them this Easter?

Here are 5 sweet treats to put in an Easter basket that don’t involve chocolate.

Girls’ Rash Guard Swimsuit Set
Most little girls love to dress up. A coordinated girls’ rash guard swimsuit set will keep her covered while she hunts for Easter eggs, and she can take it from the backyard to the swimming pool.

Boys’ Rash Guard and Shorts Set
Spending the day outdoors shouldn’t lead to sunburn. Your little guy will be thrilled with a rash guard swimsuit set that looks like playwear but protects him from the sun and dries quickly after a jaunt through the sprinkler.

Infant Onesies
Your littlest ones can’t eat candy anyway. Fill their baskets with these brightly colored onesies that zip on with one fell swoop. These easy-to-wear sun protective onesies make everyone happy.

Kids’ Sunglasses
Your little rock star won’t want to take these off. Kids’ sunglasses in fun colors are rugged and tough. Plus, your kiddo’s eyes are more susceptible to sun damage than yours. Keep them covered with these Babiators.

Sun Hats
Your little love won’t want to take this off. Cabana Life sun hats come in kids’ favorite colors and coordinate with kids’ rash guard sets.

When you’re wondering what to put in an Easter basket, it can be tough to come up with a solution that isn’t going to make your little one hyper or fill up the playroom with tiny plastic trinkets. Putting Cabana Life beachwear essentials in their baskets will make your kids smile and keep them protected when they’re playing outside in the sun.

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