Spring Clean Your Cocktail

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Maybe you’re getting ready to go on spring break, or maybe you just got back from a luxury getaway. Maybe you’re just prepping for bikini season. In any case, spring is in the air. It’s time to put aside the comfort food in exchange for fresh spring ingredients. That goes for your beverages too.

Trade in the hot chocolate and creamy cocktails for lighter fare.

Get Clear
Instead of loading up on the craft brews and red wine, switch to clear liquor. Two ounces of vodka or gin have only 120 calories compared to up to 300 for a delicious amber ale.

Add Herbs
Instead of flavoring your cocktail with sugary juices, add fresh herbs. Mint, basil and lavender are unexpectedly refreshing.

Muddle It
Lemon and lime add a bright note to a beverage, but you can add any fresh fruit or vegetable. Muddle some cucumbers with the ice, or break up some watermelon cubes to give your drink a subtle juicy flavor.

A Splash of Sparkle
Top off your cocktail with club soda or sparkling water. It will help you stay hydrated and avoid the sugary calories in soft drinks.

Whether you’re trying to tighten up your trouble spots before you pull on a swimsuit or just want to feel healthier this spring, trade your calorie-laden drinks for a more invigorating option.

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