Ten Reasons to Spend Spring Break with Friends

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Hanging out on the sand can be more fun when you’re all in it together. On your next trip to the beach, grab a couple of companions to join you for the day.

Here are 10 reasons why you’ll want your friends to join you in your Cabana lifestyle:

1. Do less to have more: Split up your list of seaside gear and have everyone bring some beach equipment so that you can take a load off. Make different people responsible for sunscreen, beach toys, boogie boards and snacks.

2. You can take turns watching the kids while you close your eyes and enjoy the sounds of the surf.

3. Your friends act as sunburn supervisors who will let you know if you start to look a bit pink.

4. The more, the merrier: with more people at the beach, one of you is sure to remember to keep reapplying the sunscreen.

5. You have built-in beach buddies who will accompany you on a long walk along the shore.

6. Your BFF will let you know when your swimwear is riding up (a great reason to stay covered with a rashguard or beach pants).

7. Someone is bound to have an extra pair of sunglasses when you lose yours while body surfing.

8. Your network can fill you in on the latest gossip, something you haven’t had a chance to keep up with because of your demanding schedule.

9. A buddy can help you surf, since you’re too chicken to go out into the breakers on your own.

10. Someone always goes the extra mile and brings the margaritas. Those are no fun to drink alone!

This list doesn’t only apply to sandy amusements; the same goes for playdates at the park and backyard barbecues. Make heading outdoors even easier by sharing Cabana Life with your friends. You’ll have more time to play without worrying about looking like a lobster when you cover yourself with 50+ sun protective clothing. Let the favorite people in your life know that there’s a way to remain a social butterfly while stressing less about staying protected from the sun.

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