15 Things to Do With Kids in a Swimsuit

Cabana Life 50+ UV Stylish Sun Protective Clothing

I have a friend whose 4-year-old daughter is always in a swimsuit. To me, she’s the quintessential Cabana Life mascot. When you see her at the grocery store, she’s in a swimsuit. At the play space, swimsuit. At a birthday party, swimsuit. It got me thinking: what an easy way to live your life. You know what you’re going to wear every day, and you just have to pull on one piece of clothing and go. Cabana Life swimwear isn’t just for the beach. Simplify your morning routine. Just put your kiddo in a swimsuit and go.

Here are 15 things to do with your kid in a swimsuit even if you’re not heading to the ocean.

1. Go to the water park.
2. Get wet at the splash pad.
3. Explore your local zoo.
4. Turn on the hose and let your kids have at it. (Bonus: they’ll water your lawn while you play).
5. Host a backyard barbecue.
6. Wash the car.
7. Have a water balloon fight.
8. Play in the sandbox.
9. Go fishing.
10. Find a belly dancing tutorial on YouTube and do it as a family.
11. Let the kids play in the bathtub.
12. Do some yoga outside.
13. Give yourself and the kids a mani-pedi.
14. Have relay races across the backyard.
15. Set up lounge chairs in your driveway and relax in the sun as the kids play.

Our sun protective clothing will keep you safe from the sun even if you’re not at the beach. However, when you’re playing outside, don’t forget to slather on the sunscreen.

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