How to wear a Rashguard

Cabana Life Stylish Sun Protective Clothing UV 50+

Swimming laps in your pool, surfing the waves on a paddleboard or lying on the sand at the beach — is there anything better than a warm and sunny day on the water? While the sensation of cool water on your skin is marvelous, a bit too much sun can quickly ruin everything. That’s where a rashguard comes in. Sleek and supple, this is a chic fashion trend with a purpose.

Originally designed to protect surfers against chafing and irritation as sand and waxed surfboards met bare skin, rashguards, also known as swim shirts, now offer cutting-edge style coupled with the practicality of sun protection.

Are they hot? NO! Simply get your rashguard wet to enjoy the cooling benefits. Trendy, long-sleeved designs simultaneously provide the most sun protection and ward off both cool and warm weather.

A distinctive fashion statement, you'll be tempted to wear it even when you are not in the water.

Paired with shorts or a sarong and sandals, a rashguard will take you from the beach to a restaurant, an afternoon of sightseeing or a day of boating.

With vibrant solid colors and eclectic patterns, there are rashguard silhouettes that work with any body type. If you are searching for a universally flattering rashguard with extreme versatility, try one of the longer designs with rouching and side ties- it can be worn up as a top or down as a dress.

Rashguards are a sun safe trend that the whole family can dive into. With this much versatility, a small collection of rashguards may well be all you need to feel sensational and safe in the sun this year.

Cabana Life Stylish Sun Protective Clothing UV 50+



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