How to Host a Spring Fling

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If you’re not headed anywhere for spring break, you can still celebrate. What about hosting a spring fling to get everyone around you ready for the warm weather? Take the following steps to chase away the winter with a fresh, casual get-together.

Who’s Ready for a Mimosa?

Sunday brunch is such a great time for a spring celebration. It’s still the middle of the weekend, and you have the whole day ahead of you. It’s not too early to pop the champagne, yet you’ll still have time for an afternoon nap. Want to try something new? Mix elderflower liqueur with Sprite and some vodka, or combine a splash of rum with ginger beer and a lime twist.

Freshen Up

Fresh flowers welcome spring better than anything. Casually break up bouquets by cutting the stems and slipping them into some mason jars. Place them on tables, next to the bar and by your front door. Grow some daffodils in a pot for a truly appropriate seasonal centerpiece.

Cover Up

One of the best parts of a spring fling is that you get to enjoy the great outdoors. Take advantage of the warmer weather and drag a couple of tables into the yard. Set up a tent if you’re worried about rain. In addition to your mimosa bar, you might want to set out a sun protection table. Put out a basket of sunscreen and lay out a few sunhats. You’ll remain a laid-back hostess when you don’t have to worry about sunburn. Grab a lively sundress or a pair of flowy pants. This is a great time to break out a summer rashguard too. If your clothing is made of sunblock fabric, you’ll spend less time slathering on the sunscreen and more time partying.

Involve the Kids

If you’re just going to be playing in the backyard, it makes sense to let the kids loose. Add in an organized activity by letting the kids dig up one of your gardens. Before the party is over, have them sprinkle wildflower seeds over the soil and water them in well.

Send Home a Favor

Whether or not your party is G-rated, you can send home party favors. A terra cotta pot with a bulb or some seeds planted in it will help your guests remember the party. You can even leave out some paint pens so your partygoers can decorate their little gifts.

A spring fling doesn’t have to be a fancy party. Let it grow organically and keep it fresh. Invite friends via word of mouth, and have everyone bring a dish. Keep it casual and open the door to a fabulous season.

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