#cabanalifetravels – Your Staycation Destination

#cabanalifetravels – Your Staycation Destination

Last week, we posted some beautiful stateside getaways to indulge your fantasies. But what if you can’t go quite that far? If you don’t have to work this weekend, take a retreat closer to home. Think of it as a mini spring break or an opportunity to take a breather before the big vacation. You don’t have to go far, but you can take advantage of some much-needed time off with these ideas from #cabanalifetravels.

Snuggle and Nibble

Cabana Life Stylish Sun Protective Clothing UV 50+  Is there a local bed and breakfast that gets fabulous reviews? Take a staycation and check in (so you can check out) for a night. Even in the smallest towns, Airbnb rentals are usually available close to home. Book a tiny house or get to know your neighbors for the weekend.

Indulge your Soul

Cabana Life Stylish Sun Protective Clothing UV 50+  Need a little more pampering? Check out local spas. Most hotels offer some sort of spa amenities. Just getting away from laundry and dirty dishes and letting go can help you feel carefree for a couple of days.

Spoil your Senses

Cabana Life Stylish Sun Protective Clothing UV 50+  Can’t spend the night away? Live like a tourist in your own town and go on a gastronomic adventure. Start with a glass of wine at a local tasting room and head to a decadent eatery for appetizers. Grab the main dish at a different bistro, and don’t forget the sumptuous dessert. Finish off the night by turning down the lights and slow dancing in your candle-lit bedroom before dozing off.

Travel in your own town to feel like you’re getting a well-deserved weekend to yourself. Don’t forget to tag #cabanalifetravels as you rediscover your hometown!

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