4 Packing Tips You Never Heard Before

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President’s Day weekend is looming ahead of you. It’s so close that you can almost taste it. Of course, you have a million things to do before you can enjoy piña coladas and tropical breezes. Don’t let packing for winter break become another tedious task on your to-do list. Make it fun and simple with these tips.

1. Break up with your makeup

You want to look amazing on spring break, but the heat and humidity are going to wreak havoc on heavy foundations, creams and colors. You know how your foundation never looks right over your tan anyway? Ditch it in favor of a great tinted sunscreen, some bronzer and some sheer and fun eye makeup.

2. Fall in love with plastic bags

Plastic zipper bags can be your best friend when it comes to packing for a vacation. Keep shampoos and SPF lotions sealed tight so that they don’t leak onto your clothes. You can also pack each outfit separately in a gallon-sized freezer bag. Roll up the bag to squeeze all the air out, and then quickly secure the zipper. You’ll be able to fit more clothes into a tighter space. Luckily all Cabana Life beachwear comes individually packaged in resealable zipper bags, which helps you save space while packing and repurpose the zipper bags once you hit your destination. You can use them to protect your electronics from sand and salt water or keep wet clothes from getting everything else in your beach bag soaked.

3. Let your outfits do double duty

This isn’t the Oscars; you don’t have to change outfits for every after-party. You probably don’t want to go everywhere in your bikini, either. You don’t have to compromise. Cute cover ups are trendy enough to wear off the sand whether you prefer a boho or preppy look. Rashguards protect you from the sun during the day but can double as workout gear or casualwear during dinner. Make the most out of each piece so that you don’t have to pack your closet into your suitcase.

Cabana Life Stylish Sun Protective Clothing UV 50+

4. Don’t forget the beach bag

As you schlep from your hotel room to the ocean’s edge, you’ll need a way to carry your belongings. Don’t forget a beach bag that’s big enough to hold everything but compact enough to stash in your luggage.

Cabana Life Stylish Sun Protective Clothing UV 50+

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