Fri-yay! A Drink Recipe to Transport you Someplace Tropical, Even if You are Not!


Dreaming of the beach this President’s Day weekend? Are you stuck inside staring at the snow? Turn up the heat, take off your scarf and live it up with this smoothie-turned-splurge concoction that’s popular at the all-inclusive resorts on the coast of Mexico.Cabana Life Stylish Sun Protective Clothing UV 50+



What you need:

3 oz vodka

1 fresh banana

4 oz half and half

2 oz coffee liqueur, like Kahlua

2 oz coconut cream

Chocolate syrup

Create your Potion:

Whir all the ingredients in a blender with plenty of ice until it turns out like a smoothie. Pour it in a fancy glass and drizzle it with chocolate syrup. Close your eyes, pretend you’re lying under a ceiling of palms, and sip away.

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