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  • 8 Things You Should NEVER Forget When Packing For The Beach


    Packing for the beach can seem like a struggle. You need to remember items for the whole family, and forgetting the sun protection can ruin your whole day. That’s why we’ve created this handy-dandy checklist of things you should never forget when packing for the beach. Just go down the list, and you’ll never leave the beach looking like a lobster.


    It’s a given that you need sunscreen, but have you packed enough? If you’re using a lotion, you need to squirt out the amount that would fill a shot glass to properly cover your skin.

    Plus, you need to reapply every 2 hours (or after swimming or sweating). If you’re heading out with the whole family, you might need more than one bottle. Yes, we’re serious!

    Pack extras so that you don’t run out and have to cut your beach trip short. Don’t forget a good lip balm with SPF!


    One way to extend your sunscreen is to wear sun protective clothing. A long-sleeved rashguard covers those easy-to-miss spots, like between your shoulder blades, your elbows and the area under your arms.

    Luckily, we have rashguards for women, rashguards for men and rashguards for boys, girls and infants, so you don’t have to put up with your struggling toddler while you’re trying to smear them in sunscreen every 2 hours. (Of course, you’ll still need to apply sunscreen to the exposed areas, but you’ll save a lot of time and headache if you wear sun protective clothing).

    Beach Pants

    Have you ever gotten a painful sunburn behind your knees? That’s one of the most commonly missed spots when people are out in the sun.

    Prevent that from happening by wearing beach pants. You can get our swim leggings and beach pants wet, and they’ll keep you cozy when the breeze picks up. Plus, you’ll look super stylish when you’re heading to and from the beach. You won’t even have to change when you go out for a sunset cocktail.


    A cooler is handy for drinks and snacks, of course. It’s also a great place to stash your sunscreen.

    Did you know that sunscreen deteriorates at high temperatures? If you leave the bottle of sunscreen to bake in the sun on your beach towel, the UV-absorbing chemicals in the bottle will break down and do nothing more than moisturize your skin when you slather it on. The ideal temperature for sunscreen is less than 77 degrees Fahrenheit, according to The Derm Blog.

    The Scout Cooler Bag in our Moroccan Tile print doesn’t take up a lot of space and matches with the rest of your Cabana Life gear.


    Hydrating is key when you’re outside in hot weather. Make sure that you bring enough water for everyone. One way to ensure that you bring plenty of water without cramming the cooler is to freeze disposable water bottles the night before. Toss them all into a sturdy tote along with a couple of refrigerated bottles, and they’ll thaw out throughout the day.


    A floppy hat gives you added protection from the sun. UV rays can still reflect off the sand and water, so you’ll need to use sunscreen on your face and neck too. The hat gives you added shade and peace of mind. You’ll thank us for this tip when you rock fewer wrinkles as you age.


    There are so many quick and easy options for shade at the beach nowadays. A sturdy umbrella (with a sand screw at the bottom to prevent it from toppling over in the wind) is lightweight and practical.

    Easy-up shelters can give you a wider range of protection, especially when you’ve got the whole family with you. Plus, they give you a cool place to hide out from the heat. Easy Go and Cool Cabanas are just as streamlined as an umbrella but toss down much more shade.


    You might not have thought to tote along some resealable plastic bags. These come in handy for protecting your phone or camera. They can also be used to transport wet items. You can also use them to portion out snacks for the kids so they don’t stick their handy hands right into the family-sized bag of chips.

    A few large beach bags can help you keep towels, sand toys and other accessories organized.

    There you have it! The 7 things you should never forget when packing for the beach. Of course, you probably want to toss in your sunglasses (your eyes need UV protection too!) and a good book. Bring sand toys and snacks for the kids. Don’t forget a soft fleece blanket for those cooler days. It doubles as a towel but is much cozier to snuggle up in.


  • Not Your Grandma's Umbrella: 6 Best Beach Shelters For 2017

    Let’s get real; your grandma might not have used an umbrella. Chances are she sunned herself on a lounge chair while holding a tri-folded foil tray. She probably wasn’t even aware that there was such a thing as a beach shelter. That’s probably because they weren’t as convenient, light weight and easy to use as they are today.

    Luckily, we’ve learned a lot since those days. While the sun can provide much-needed vitamin D, it can also cause skin cancer. Scary.

    You can get your vitamin D in other ways. And you can still go outside as much as you want with the proper sun sense.

    Wearing sun screen and sun protective clothing are your first lines of defense. Staying in the shade is your next one.

    Check out the best beach shelters for 2017 to take your sun safety up a notch (and your risk of skin cancer down).

    The Best Beach Shelters For 2017

    Cool Cabanas

    Cool Cabanas Best Beach Shelter

    This beach shelter has the ease of an umbrella but the protection of a four-corner canopy. If you’re tired of lugging your heavy, metal-frame canopy around, this could be the solution for you. One post in the center holds the whole thing up. Four pieces extend outward to support the shade material. The “posts” are long pieces of fabric with pockets at the bottom. Fill the pockets with plenty of sand and they’ll be impervious to wind and keep the whole thing stable. This is one of the more elegant cabanas that you can buy for the beach.


    • Easy for one person to carry and set up.
    • 8 internal pockets keep your electronics and sunscreen shaded and protected
    • All colors are tested to satisfy UPF 50+ rating requirements
    • Block 98% of UV rays


    • Come with stakes to set up on grass, but better for use on sand.
    • Would be difficult to use on a hard surface, like wood decking.
    • Might have trouble standing up fully underneath it if you’re taller than 6 feet

    Lovin’ Summer Tents

    Lovin Summer Best Beach Shelter Tent

    We dig the vintage vibe of the Lovin’ Summer tents. They are so easy to carry and put up, it’s almost unbelievable. A simple piece of UPF 40 fabric has ropes already attached to it. Just put up the two aluminum poles, drape your fabric across them, and secure the ends of the ropes.


    • You’ll have the cutest tent on the beach.
    • You won’t sweat, because there’s lots of air flow underneath.
    • Super light to carry.
    • You can vary the setup for low or high sun.
    • Easy for one person to set up.


    • May not be able to stand up inside the tent.
    • Difficult for one person to put up in heavy wind.
    • The stakes won’t tap into a hard surface like concrete.
    • We’re nervous that the aluminum poles and plastic parts may break easily.

    Sport-Brella XL

    Sport-Brella XL Best Beach Shelter

    Have you ever been on the beach on a windy day? The breeze keeps the heat down, but getting pelted with sand is no fun. The Sportbrella Umbrella is one of the only beach shelters that can protect you from the wind and provide shade. You could even use this along with a taller four-cornered shelter for shade and wind protection all day. When the sun is directly overhead, you can stand this up like a regular umbrella.


    • Wind vents keep you cool underneath this umbrella.
    • 50+ UPF sun protection rating
    • Takes only 3 seconds to set up and take down.
    • Wind flaps provide added protection.
    • Lightweight to carry.


    • Great for sitting under, but small if you want to really move around in the shade.
    • Need another weight mechanism to hold it down on concrete.
    • Must be oriented properly so that it doesn’t fall over when it catches the wind.
    • May be awkward to lie under.

    Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Beach Canopy

    Lightspeed Quick Canopy Best Beach Shelter

    This canopy is bigger than a 3-walled shelter but just as easy to set up even in high winds. You can fully lie down underneath it while staying in the shade. The outer sand pockets help weigh the whole thing down so that it doesn’t blow away, and you get lots of ventilation coming through it.


    • Fits 4 adult chairs underneath.
    • Has a floor, which can be convenient to keep crawling little ones off the sand.
    • Easy to carry and set up.
    • Comes with a removable wall for extra shade and wind protection.
    • When filled, stays put even on concrete.


    • May not be able to stand fully underneath.
    • Bottom of the tent is not removable if you want to sit in the sand.
    • Fabric can get caught in the plastic supports and rip as you set up the tent.
    • If the sun isn’t directly overhead, you won’t have full shade underneath.

    EasyGo Shelter Instant Easy Up Beach Umbrella

    Easy Go Shelter Instant Easy Up Best Beach Shelters

    A 3-sided shelter can protect you from sun even when it’s not overhead. It also shields you from wind. This one is designed to give you the most shade with the smallest footprint. You can weigh it down using the sand pockets or stakes.


    • Windows along the walls can be opened for ventilation.
    • The floor is made of lightweight tarp material to keep you off the sand.
    • Height of windows gives you privacy when you’re lying down.
    • Easy setup and takedown.


    • Need towels or blankets so that you don’t stick to the floor.
    • Floor cover doesn’t extend out the front door area.
    • Doesn’t fit a lot of people underneath.

    Coleman Hatteras Fast Pitch Shade With Drink Sleeve

    Coleman Hatteras Beach Shade Best Shelter

    This is an ideal beach shelter for just a few people. It goes up in a few seconds, so you can pitch it even while trying to keep your kids out of the sand. The UPF 50+ fabric protects you from the sun. The size and shape offer good protection from the wind.

    Walls on three sides give you privacy and shade. The front door also zips all the way up in case you need to change your clothing at the beach.

    When you’re lounging around, you can open the back wall for better air circulation or to keep a better eye on your children.


    • Reliable Coleman protection from the elements.
    • Privacy on all sides.
    • Easy to set up.
    • Insulated drink sleeve and pockets inside are convenient for snacks, cell phones, etc.


    • Small; fits 4 people inside, but won’t accommodate more than 2 beach chairs.
    • Doesn’t offer 360-degree views from inside.
    • Might need extra-long stakes or another option to weigh it down in sand.

    The Bottom Line

    There you have it; the best beach shelters for 2017 in different sizes, shapes and configurations. The best one for you is the one that you're actually going to use. You won't get the sun protection you need if you keep the shelter tucked away in your garage. Of course, adding a sun protective rashguard, beach cover up and floppy hat always helps keep you protected from harmful UV rays too.

  • 11 Cool Things You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Can Do

    Nantucket Sound Cell Phone Case

    Technology is pretty amazing. And a lot of it is concentrated within your smartphone. You take your phone with you almost everywhere. Isn’t it about time you learned all of the cool things your smartphone can do?

    Check out the cool things your smartphone can do.

    Here are some hacks that transform your smartphone into the most intelligent piece of equipment you own.

    1. Check whether the batteries in your TV remote are dead.

    The infrared light emitted by your TV remote can be picked up by a digital camera even if you can’t see it. If you suspect that the batteries are dead on your remote, aim the camera on your phone at the little light at the top of the remote. If it’s still alive, you’ll see a glow on your phone screen.

    2. Use it as a ruler.

    Need to measure something? Measure your smart phone first. This doesn't even require an app. You always have your phone on you, right? If you know the measurements, you can use it as a ruler to measure anything else.

    3. Phone camera + magnifying glass = microscope

    Need to see something in close-up? Place a cheap magnifying glass in front of your phone’s camera lens, and it will increase the magnification. Another one of the cool things your smart phone can do is take a cool photo by putting the camera lens up to a telescope.

    4. Recharge your battery faster.

    You probably know that using your phone in airplane mode will use up the battery more slowly. Recharge your phone more quickly by charging it in airplane mode too.

    5. Have your phone read to you.

    You can choose the VoiceOver option on an iPhone and the Talk Back option on an Android to have the phone read you whatever’s on the screen when you swipe across it.

    6. Take pictures without touching the screen.

    When you touch the screen to take a photo, the camera can shake and blur the image. You can use the volume buttons to take photos on an iPhone. On an Android, use Voice Control to use the commands Shoot, Capture, Cheese and Smile to take your picture.

    7. Look at your old negatives.

    Did you come across some old negatives while going through a box of photos from the attic? Sort out what’s going on—and what to keep—by looking at them using your camera’s negative effect.

    8. Change your keyboard.

    If you’re constantly making hilarious typos because your fingers are just too big for the keyboard, you can use a third-party keyboard. You might not get the same laughs from your texts as you did before, but you’ll probably be less frustrated.

    9. Scan bar codes.

    Get an app that scans a bar code and checks for a better deal an item you’re about to buy.  You can also use the barcode scanner to save money on expensive equipment if you run a small business.

    10. Take photo notes.

    Use the camera feature on your phone to simplify your life. Snap a photo of your fridge, pantry or grocery list before going to the store. Take a picture of the parking lot when you leave your car at the airport so that you remember where you parked it. We wish your phone could move around the house and snap a photo of the place where you left your keys so you never lose them again.

    11. Take your pulse.

    If you don’t have a fitness tracker, you can still check your heart rate throughout the day using your smartphone. Download an app with an optical heart rate sensor, and it will be able to read your pulse by looking at the color of your skin as the blood rushes through it. That’s a great way to check if your exercise routine really helped you burn calories.

    If you love multi-tasking, you’ll love trying out these cool things your smartphone can do. Let us know in the comments which ones you love.

  • How To Stand Up 2 Cancer With This Exclusive Rashguard

    stand up 2 cancer rashguard

    You know that Cabana Life sells rashguards with UPF 50+ protection. Did you know that the Stand Up 2 Cancer rashguard offers even more in the way of sun protection?

    Actually, you’ll stay protected with the same quality of breathable, functional material that looks great and feels great. However, when you buy the exclusive Stand Up To Cancer Protect Rashguard between May 1 and August 31, 2017, we’ll donate a minimum of 50% of the sale price to Stand Up To Cancer.

    What Is Stand Up To Cancer?

    Stand Up 2 Cancer is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2008 to help fund cancer research. It’s more than a charity, however. It’s a movement.

    Stand Up 2 Cancer is different because it promotes collaborative cancer research. Instead of competing with each other, scientists are working together to develop new treatments more quickly and save lives immediately. The organization also supports projects that may be higher risk but also have the potential to have a greater impact on saving lives.

    Stand Up To Cancer’s mission is to sponsor innovative research, help patients receive new treatments faster, and save lives NOW.

    Why Collaboration Is Important

    Collaboration pulls together more people and more resources so that results can be achieved faster. This video explains why SU2C concentrates on collaboration:

    In this spirit of collaboration, we designed a rashguard to help raise money for the organization.

    The SU2C Rashguard

    This limited-edition rashguard is available throughout the summer in honor of Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

    It gives you more than 7x the sun protection of a basic white T-shirt. Plus, it has all of the Cabana Life fashion and functionality, including:

    • Long sleeves with a pretty black-and-white print
    • 50+ UV protection
    • Functional diagonal zipper at neck to make it easy to slip on and off
    • Slightly contoured waist for the perfect silhouette

    Be part of the movement. Help Stand Up To Cancer!

    Click here or on the photo below to get your exclusive SU2C rashguard.

    stand up 2 cancer rashguard


  • What To Wear To a Golf Tournament As A Spectator

    Golf tournaments are like the sporty version of the Kentucky Derby. You might not see a lot of huge, floppy hats in the audience (although you should—hello sun protection). However, there’s a certain golf style that has taken off in the past few years. How do you look fashionable when you’re spending all day outdoors? And how do you protect yourself from all-day sun?

    Here’s What To Wear To A Golf Tournament

    Long-Sleeved Tops

    rashguard definition

    You can go light and breezy but still stay protected with long sleeves and the right fabric. Cabana Life’s UPF 50+ fabric keeps your skin from being exposed to UV rays. It’s breathable, so you may actually feel cooler when you’re completely covered up than you would in a strappy tank.

    If you like a sleek, sporty style, you can pull on a zip-up rashguard over a camisole or tankini top. If you don’t want to give up your feminine sophistication, choose a rashguard with delicate embroidery, like the navy embroidered rashguard.

    UV Protective Dress

    tailgate outfit

    Just because the golfers are wearing pants doesn’t mean that you have to. Stay cool with coverage from your neck to your knees. The Nantucket Sound classic shirt dress has a traditional shape and a preppy print that will look perfect next to the green. You can get the same silhouette in the Sunshine Shores print too.

    An embroidered cover up looks amazing over white capris. A striped shift dress goes sporty with your favorite Converse.

    Breezy Pants

    white woven joggers

    Whether it’s chilly in the morning or blazing in the afternoon, you can stay comfortable all day in Cabana Life pants. The breathable fabric is perfect for a long day in the sun.

    Pair them with a rashguard, tankini top or cover up for head-to-toe UV protection.

    Of course, you should apply sunscreen to any exposed areas, and continue to slather it on every 2 hours during the tournament. However, staying covered with UV protective clothing will give you peace of mind and help you look chic at the match.

  • 10 Reasons Why Monaco Blue is a Customer Fave

    When we launched the feminine Monaco Blue print, we never expected to be so overwhelmed by the amazing feedback that we've gotten about it. Our customers love it. Here are 10 reasons why Monaco Blue is a customer fave.

    To get you warmed up, here's a little bit about the inspiration behind the print:

    Monaco Blue is reminiscent of that beach vacation that's infused with culture. Imagine strolling along a tiny speck of sand in the Aegean sea, just off the coast of Greece. Of course, you spend time lounging on the sand, but you also want to indulge in the delicious Mediterranean cuisine and rich, fruity wine. You can do anything from snorkeling to exploring a volcano, and you want to do it in style. You end every evening with cocktails, fresh sea breezes, and vistas of a crystal-clear ocean.

    This Is What Our Customers Have Said About The Monaco Blue Print:

    "The variety of blues is so pretty."


    The dark and light aqua tones in the design complement many of the hues found in your swimwear and athletic wear.

    "The colors are a twist on the classic pink and green."

    Cabana Life UPF 50+ Sun Protective Clothing

    We tweaked the traditional preppy palette by going off in our own direction. We substituted aqua for the green and tangerine for the pink to elicit the same classic idea but make you look unique.

    "The stripes go with everything."

    Stripes are the new black. They flatter every figure, and they add interest to any outfit, whether it's made up of solid colors or patterns. It's easy to punch up your style by adding stripes.

    "The combo of geometric and floral is perfect."

    No harsh lines here. We took the scrolling details from Mediterranean architecture and added it to the soft shapes found in nature to give you a subtle geometric pattern that's totally feminine.

    "The color is so crisp."


    You'll never look washed out in these pastels. We picked juicy hues that are bold enough to attract attention and soft enough to bring out your best. It's kind of like vacationing on the Greek isles.

    Not sure where to go for your summer vacation? You can hop a flight to Santorini, or you can just click here to go Monaco Blue from the comfort of your couch.

  • Easter Gift Guide Ideas From Cabana Life

    Easter brings with it a promise of sun (hopefully), spring weather, family fun, good friends and lots of treats. This year, surprise everyone in the family with baskets of goodies that go beyond plastic eggs and chocolates. This Easter Gift Guide has ideas for Easter gifts for her, for him and for the little ones.

    Easter Gifts For Her:

    Moroccan Tile Fringe Tunic

    Cabana Life Moroccan Tile print tunic

    The navy, aqua and royal blue tones are classic, and the blue-and-white print can be mixed and matched with solids or stripes. It fits in with any style, from preppy to bohemian.

    >>Click here to shop for the Moroccan Tile Fringe Tunic<<

    Cabana Life Cell Phone Case

    Cabana Coast Casetify iPhone Case

    We do more than protect you from the sun. Now you can pack Cabana Life prints in her purse with this protective cell phone case in the prettiest designs around.

    >>Click here to shop for a Cabana Life printed cell phone case<<

    Nantucket Sound Shirt Dress

    nantucket sound cabana life shirt dress
    Our best-selling dress is perfectly packable. That means it will make a great surprise in the Easter basket. She'll be thrilled when she opens up this classic dress in a style that suits everyone.

    >>Click here to shop for a Nantucket Sound Shirt Dress<<

    For Him:

    Men's Classic Hoodie

    mens classic hoodie cabana life

    Give him the gift of fashion. The men's hoodie is the perfect thing to throw on during a golf game or when he's out for drinks afterwards. It's the perfect blend of classy and casual.

    >>Click here to shop for a Men's Classic Hoodie<<

    Men's Half-Zip Rashguard

    mens half zip rashguard cabana life

    This convenient style takes him on any casual adventure. The half-zip neck closure makes it easy to take on and off even when it's wet. The contrast stitching adds interest to neutral navy.

    >>Click here to shop for a Men's Half-Zip Rashguard<<

    The Sporty Men's Rashguard

    sporty mens rashguard cabana life
    Does he have a love of surfing, swimming, skating or anything that gets him moving? The cyan rashguard is classic and roomy with bright, sporty colors.

    >>Click here to shop for a Sporty Men's Rashguard<<

    For The Kids:

    Reversible Swim Hat

    fish bones kids swim hat cabana life

    The fish bones reversible swim hat is perfect for infants to 7-year-olds. This gender-neutral print looks great on boys and girls. Plus, it dries super quick and doesn't soak up the sand. Want to get fancy? Shop for a hat with one of the signature Cabana Life resort prints, like Bora Bora or Moroccan Tile.

    >>Click here to shop for a Reversible Swim Hat<<

    Swimsuit And Cover Up Sets For Girls

    swimsuit and cover up sets girls
    There's nothing cuter than a matching swimsuit and cover up set that your little girl can wear from the beach to a playdate in the park. She'll love looking just like mom, and she'll want to wear the comfy styles all day. Swimsuit and cover up sets for girls make getting dressed in the morning a little easier. Just throw them on and look adorable all day.

    >>Click here to shop for Girls' Swimsuit and Cover Up Sets<<

    Rashguard and Shorts Sets For Boys

    boys rashguard sets cabana life
    Your little man won't complain about covering up for the sun when he looks this cute. Mix and match styles and designs with colors that complement each other. A comfortable fit ensures that he'll stay protected from the sun on any adventure.

    >>Click here to shop for Boys' Rashguard and Swim Shorts Sets<<

    The Perfect Easter Basket For Everyone

    scout cooler bag

    No matter who you're treating this Easter, pack the goodies in a Scout Cooler Bag for an unexpected and practical Easter basket. Stash a few bottles of wine in there for the grown ups, keep the chocolates from melting in the sun for the kids, and throw in a six pack for dad.

    >>>Click here to shop for the Scout Cooler Bag<<

    My son likes to say that the Easter Bunny is just like Santa Claus: Apparently, he knows what everyone in the family wants and delivers on that promise. When you fill their baskets with the Cabana Life goodies from this Easter Gift Guide, that's exactly right.

  • Why Should You Wear Swim Leggings?

    swim leggings

    Maybe you get excited to try on new bikinis every year. Perhaps you like to strut your stuff in a one piece swimsuit. You probably add an extra layer of protection with a pretty beach cover up.

    But do you wear swim leggings to the beach?

    If not, you should.

    Swim leggings are designed to get wet. That means that they will keep you from staying sopping wet whether you’re sweating or splashing in the waves. They’ll dry quickly. Best of all, they’ll keep you covered with UPF 50+ UV protection.

    We love to wear swim leggings:

    At Yoga Class

    Hit your surfside yoga class without worrying about your swimsuit riding up. Swim leggings are light and breathable enough to wear as you salute the sun, and they’ll keep you protected from it too. Get wet? No sweat. They’ll be dry before your Savasana.

    For Outdoor Jogs

    Jogging on the beach is always breezy and wonderful. It’s especially refreshing to dive into the ocean right afterwards. However, jogging in your swimsuit can lead to chafing, and it’s no fun to peel off sweaty workout gear for that post-jog dip. Swim leggings to the rescue.

    While Snorkeling

    The telltale sign that someone has been snorkeling is a sunburn along the back. Have you ever been burned behind the knees? We hope not, but if you have, you know that it’s no fun. Enjoy yourself more on your outdoor excursions by protecting yourself from UV rays. Wear swim leggings while snorkeling, and you won’t have to stress as much about reapplying sunscreen as you check out the reef.

    For Surfing

    When you don’t want to wear a wetsuit but you’ll be hanging out by the breakers all day, what do you wear? Swim leggings, of course. Ours stay in place whether they’re wet or dry. They’re like a second skin.

    Best of all, our swim leggings transition from the water to just about anywhere else with style. So you can reward that jog with a lunch with friends, or you can hang out with your surfing buddies for drinks in the afternoon. The ruched waistband hugs without digging in, so these swim leggings look great whether you’re wearing a bikini or tankini top, rash guard or cover up over them.


  • You Have Less Than A Week To Vote for your #CabanaRoleModel

    cabanarolemodel finalists

    About a week ago, we held a model search. We weren't looking for the lady with the longest legs or the person with the sunniest glow. We were searching for a great sun safety role model.

    We all have that person in our lives who inspires us, that # CabanaRoleModel .

    Continue reading

  • Are Parents Getting Lazy When It Comes To Sunscreen?

    Is your sun protection enough?

    Sun safety has become a big priority since the days of tanning accelerator and baby oil.

    A study that was published in 2016 showed that parents are taking measures to protect their young children from the sun. We applaud you, moms and dads. Almost all parents in the study slathered sunscreen with high SPF on their children and instructed them to wear sunhats.

    However, researchers found deficits in the children’s sun protection:

    • Less attention was given to sun protective clothing, sunglasses and encouragement to stay in the shade.
    • More parents are likely to protect their kids from UV rays on the beach than in other outdoor settings, even though the danger of UV exposure can be just as intense in everyday situations.

    And here’s the real shocker: As the kids got older, their level of sun protection was reduced.

    Stronger Sun = Increased Melanoma Risk

    The sun is getting stronger nowadays. The melanoma rate in the United States has more than doubled since 1982 ( As you get older, your risk of basal and squamous cell carcinomas increases. (

    As your kids (and you) age, you’re exposed to even more harmful UV radiation. How does it make sense to dial down the level of protection?

    It doesn’t.

    What's The Best Type Of Protection?

    What do researchers say it takes to reduce the incidence of melanoma and stop people from dying from skin cancer? Wide-ranging interventions that reduce exposure to UV radiation and increase sun protection (

    You can continue to slather the sunscreen on your kids and dress them in sun protective clothing. However, as they become more independent, you need to pass the torch.

    Why Role Models Are Important For Sun Safety

    We all know how independent teenagers like to be. If older children get five or more blistering sunburns between the ages of 15 and 20, their risk of melanoma goes up by 80 percent. Their risk of other skin cancers increases by 68 percent (

    With melanoma being the second most common form of cancer in females between the ages of 15 to 29, something needs to be done.

    You can’t baby your children forever, but you can be the sun safety role model that sets them up with the foundation they need to extend the sun safety routines that you’ve set up for them.

    Learn more about how to be a role model here, or enter our Role Model Search!


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