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  • 10 Reasons Why Monaco Blue is a Customer Fave

    When we launched the feminine Monaco Blue print, we never expected to be so overwhelmed by the amazing feedback that we've gotten about it. Our customers love it. Here are 10 reasons why Monaco Blue is a customer fave.

    To get you warmed up, here's a little bit about the inspiration behind the print:

    Monaco Blue is reminiscent of that beach vacation that's infused with culture. Imagine strolling along a tiny speck of sand in the Aegean sea, just off the coast of Greece. Of course, you spend time lounging on the sand, but you also want to indulge in the delicious Mediterranean cuisine and rich, fruity wine. You can do anything from snorkeling to exploring a volcano, and you want to do it in style. You end every evening with cocktails, fresh sea breezes, and vistas of a crystal-clear ocean.

    This Is What Our Customers Have Said About The Monaco Blue Print:

    "The variety of blues is so pretty."


    The dark and light aqua tones in the design complement many of the hues found in your swimwear and athletic wear.

    "The colors are a twist on the classic pink and green."

    Cabana Life UPF 50+ Sun Protective Clothing

    We tweaked the traditional preppy palette by going off in our own direction. We substituted aqua for the green and tangerine for the pink to elicit the same classic idea but make you look unique.

    "The stripes go with everything."

    Stripes are the new black. They flatter every figure, and they add interest to any outfit, whether it's made up of solid colors or patterns. It's easy to punch up your style by adding stripes.

    "The combo of geometric and floral is perfect."

    No harsh lines here. We took the scrolling details from Mediterranean architecture and added it to the soft shapes found in nature to give you a subtle geometric pattern that's totally feminine.

    "The color is so crisp."


    You'll never look washed out in these pastels. We picked juicy hues that are bold enough to attract attention and soft enough to bring out your best. It's kind of like vacationing on the Greek isles.

    Not sure where to go for your summer vacation? You can hop a flight to Santorini, or you can just click here to go Monaco Blue from the comfort of your couch.

  • Easter Gift Guide Ideas From Cabana Life

    Easter brings with it a promise of sun (hopefully), spring weather, family fun, good friends and lots of treats. This year, surprise everyone in the family with baskets of goodies that go beyond plastic eggs and chocolates. This Easter Gift Guide has ideas for Easter gifts for her, for him and for the little ones.

    Easter Gifts For Her:

    Moroccan Tile Fringe Tunic

    Cabana Life Moroccan Tile print tunic

    The navy, aqua and royal blue tones are classic, and the blue-and-white print can be mixed and matched with solids or stripes. It fits in with any style, from preppy to bohemian.

    >>Click here to shop for the Moroccan Tile Fringe Tunic<<

    Cabana Life Cell Phone Case

    Cabana Coast Casetify iPhone Case

    We do more than protect you from the sun. Now you can pack Cabana Life prints in her purse with this protective cell phone case in the prettiest designs around.

    >>Click here to shop for a Cabana Life printed cell phone case<<

    Nantucket Sound Shirt Dress

    nantucket sound cabana life shirt dress
    Our best-selling dress is perfectly packable. That means it will make a great surprise in the Easter basket. She'll be thrilled when she opens up this classic dress in a style that suits everyone.

    >>Click here to shop for a Nantucket Sound Shirt Dress<<

    For Him:

    Men's Classic Hoodie

    mens classic hoodie cabana life

    Give him the gift of fashion. The men's hoodie is the perfect thing to throw on during a golf game or when he's out for drinks afterwards. It's the perfect blend of classy and casual.

    >>Click here to shop for a Men's Classic Hoodie<<

    Men's Half-Zip Rashguard

    mens half zip rashguard cabana life

    This convenient style takes him on any casual adventure. The half-zip neck closure makes it easy to take on and off even when it's wet. The contrast stitching adds interest to neutral navy.

    >>Click here to shop for a Men's Half-Zip Rashguard<<

    The Sporty Men's Rashguard

    sporty mens rashguard cabana life
    Does he have a love of surfing, swimming, skating or anything that gets him moving? The cyan rashguard is classic and roomy with bright, sporty colors.

    >>Click here to shop for a Sporty Men's Rashguard<<

    For The Kids:

    Reversible Swim Hat

    fish bones kids swim hat cabana life

    The fish bones reversible swim hat is perfect for infants to 7-year-olds. This gender-neutral print looks great on boys and girls. Plus, it dries super quick and doesn't soak up the sand. Want to get fancy? Shop for a hat with one of the signature Cabana Life resort prints, like Bora Bora or Moroccan Tile.

    >>Click here to shop for a Reversible Swim Hat<<

    Swimsuit And Cover Up Sets For Girls

    swimsuit and cover up sets girls
    There's nothing cuter than a matching swimsuit and cover up set that your little girl can wear from the beach to a playdate in the park. She'll love looking just like mom, and she'll want to wear the comfy styles all day. Swimsuit and cover up sets for girls make getting dressed in the morning a little easier. Just throw them on and look adorable all day.

    >>Click here to shop for Girls' Swimsuit and Cover Up Sets<<

    Rashguard and Shorts Sets For Boys

    boys rashguard sets cabana life
    Your little man won't complain about covering up for the sun when he looks this cute. Mix and match styles and designs with colors that complement each other. A comfortable fit ensures that he'll stay protected from the sun on any adventure.

    >>Click here to shop for Boys' Rashguard and Swim Shorts Sets<<

    The Perfect Easter Basket For Everyone

    scout cooler bag

    No matter who you're treating this Easter, pack the goodies in a Scout Cooler Bag for an unexpected and practical Easter basket. Stash a few bottles of wine in there for the grown ups, keep the chocolates from melting in the sun for the kids, and throw in a six pack for dad.

    >>>Click here to shop for the Scout Cooler Bag<<

    My son likes to say that the Easter Bunny is just like Santa Claus: Apparently, he knows what everyone in the family wants and delivers on that promise. When you fill their baskets with the Cabana Life goodies from this Easter Gift Guide, that's exactly right.

  • Why Should You Wear Swim Leggings?

    swim leggings

    Maybe you get excited to try on new bikinis every year. Perhaps you like to strut your stuff in a one piece swimsuit. You probably add an extra layer of protection with a pretty beach cover up.

    But do you wear swim leggings to the beach?

    If not, you should.

    Swim leggings are designed to get wet. That means that they will keep you from staying sopping wet whether you’re sweating or splashing in the waves. They’ll dry quickly. Best of all, they’ll keep you covered with UPF 50+ UV protection.

    We love to wear swim leggings:

    At Yoga Class

    Hit your surfside yoga class without worrying about your swimsuit riding up. Swim leggings are light and breathable enough to wear as you salute the sun, and they’ll keep you protected from it too. Get wet? No sweat. They’ll be dry before your Savasana.

    For Outdoor Jogs

    Jogging on the beach is always breezy and wonderful. It’s especially refreshing to dive into the ocean right afterwards. However, jogging in your swimsuit can lead to chafing, and it’s no fun to peel off sweaty workout gear for that post-jog dip. Swim leggings to the rescue.

    While Snorkeling

    The telltale sign that someone has been snorkeling is a sunburn along the back. Have you ever been burned behind the knees? We hope not, but if you have, you know that it’s no fun. Enjoy yourself more on your outdoor excursions by protecting yourself from UV rays. Wear swim leggings while snorkeling, and you won’t have to stress as much about reapplying sunscreen as you check out the reef.

    For Surfing

    When you don’t want to wear a wetsuit but you’ll be hanging out by the breakers all day, what do you wear? Swim leggings, of course. Ours stay in place whether they’re wet or dry. They’re like a second skin.

    Best of all, our swim leggings transition from the water to just about anywhere else with style. So you can reward that jog with a lunch with friends, or you can hang out with your surfing buddies for drinks in the afternoon. The ruched waistband hugs without digging in, so these swim leggings look great whether you’re wearing a bikini or tankini top, rash guard or cover up over them.


  • You Have Less Than A Week To Vote for your #CabanaRoleModel

    cabanarolemodel finalists

    About a week ago, we held a model search. We weren't looking for the lady with the longest legs or the person with the sunniest glow. We were searching for a great sun safety role model.

    We all have that person in our lives who inspires us, that # CabanaRoleModel .

    Continue reading

  • Are Parents Getting Lazy When It Comes To Sunscreen?

    Is your sun protection enough?

    Sun safety has become a big priority since the days of tanning accelerator and baby oil.

    A study that was published in 2016 showed that parents are taking measures to protect their young children from the sun. We applaud you, moms and dads. Almost all parents in the study slathered sunscreen with high SPF on their children and instructed them to wear sunhats.

    However, researchers found deficits in the children’s sun protection:

    • Less attention was given to sun protective clothing, sunglasses and encouragement to stay in the shade.
    • More parents are likely to protect their kids from UV rays on the beach than in other outdoor settings, even though the danger of UV exposure can be just as intense in everyday situations.

    And here’s the real shocker: As the kids got older, their level of sun protection was reduced.

    Stronger Sun = Increased Melanoma Risk

    The sun is getting stronger nowadays. The melanoma rate in the United States has more than doubled since 1982 ( As you get older, your risk of basal and squamous cell carcinomas increases. (

    As your kids (and you) age, you’re exposed to even more harmful UV radiation. How does it make sense to dial down the level of protection?

    It doesn’t.

    What's The Best Type Of Protection?

    What do researchers say it takes to reduce the incidence of melanoma and stop people from dying from skin cancer? Wide-ranging interventions that reduce exposure to UV radiation and increase sun protection (

    You can continue to slather the sunscreen on your kids and dress them in sun protective clothing. However, as they become more independent, you need to pass the torch.

    Why Role Models Are Important For Sun Safety

    We all know how independent teenagers like to be. If older children get five or more blistering sunburns between the ages of 15 and 20, their risk of melanoma goes up by 80 percent. Their risk of other skin cancers increases by 68 percent (

    With melanoma being the second most common form of cancer in females between the ages of 15 to 29, something needs to be done.

    You can’t baby your children forever, but you can be the sun safety role model that sets them up with the foundation they need to extend the sun safety routines that you’ve set up for them.

    Learn more about how to be a role model here, or enter our Role Model Search!


  • Be The Best Role Model: A FREE checklist

    Trying to be the perfect parent can be a struggle. So we want to tell you this: There's no such thing as perfect, and you can't control your kids.

    You can set them up for success, happiness and wellness by being the best role model that you can be. This goes for just about anything, whether you're trying to be a role model to teach them kindness and gratitude, a love of learning, or sun safety.

    In fact, if you know an amazing role model when it comes to sun protection, you can enter them in our Role Model Search! Continue reading

  • Freckle Tattoos: A Controversial Fashion Trend?


    (image via una-lady-italiana)

    There’s a new trend out there. It’s not wearing sunscreen on the daily, which is becoming a must-do for women these days. We’re not talking about covering up with sun protective clothing, although we’re seeing more women wearing floppy hats, large sunglasses and beach cover ups. It’s getting freckle tattoos on your face. Continue reading

  • Which Rashguard for Which Activity?

    Cabana Life 50+ UPF Sun Protective ClothingIt's no secret that we have a wide variety of rashguards that you can wear to the beach, for sports, for hanging out and even for date night. So how do you choose which rashguard for which activity? Continue reading

  • Sun Safe Spring Break

    Cabana Life 50+ UPF Sun Protective Clothing
    Continue reading

  • Best Romantic Getaway Destinations

    Valentine’s Day is coming up. Are you doing anything special? Even just writing a love letter to your sweetheart can be something that gets treasured forever. You don’t have to go crazy to show your love. Taking the time to escape from the daily grind together can give you that chance to reconnect. The best romantic getaway destinations don’t have to be far away or expensive, either. Here are the top 5 ideas for every type of romantic. Continue reading

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